As national and international logistics and distribution experts, we have range of services from the largest of largest project to the smallest of the smallest individual jobs. However, we are involve in the following services:
Container FCL and LCL shipping
We are involve in container shipment Worldwide and specialist in West Africa. Our services include on-site visits, shipping cost estimation. We also provide temporary storage while you await to compile all your goods ready for shipment...

Distribution from the wholesalers to retailers. Are you a retailer who worries about running out of stock and how to get your goods delivered as quickly as possible to get you sales base orders in stock on time? We provide delivery services from wholesaler to retailers at competitive price.

Domestic and commercial cleaning.
We provide different cleaning services depending on you requirements. Our services ar equal to none. No matter you cicumstance if you need any cleaning services contact NK Logistics for a genuine and reasonable quote.

Air Ticket Sales We provide Sales of Air tickets to various destination Worldwide in association with our partners who are amongst one of the most renown tour operators worldwide. Our services are fast, reliable and no risk involve.

Our Services List: View our summary list of services and get in contact with us if you need any additional information.
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We are recently involve in the following
Money transfers to West Africa
Removal services in the UK
Domestic and corporate cleaning services
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