N.K Logistic Inc Ltd is small but growing gradually in an effective way as according to our corporate strategies and management. We are growing with both corporate and individual clients in which numbers are adding each and every day. As at present our operation covers the whole of UK and some other servicescan will be provided within some European countries. Our expansion plans include both Europe and Africa in the near future with branches worldwide...
We were established since 2011 within the South East London the heart of UK as national and international distribution and logistics expert, by Mr Nagiru KY Jabi (CEO and founder). After thorough feasibility studies on various business acumen in consideration of my expertise and experience of more than 15 years in public and private transport, supply chain and logistics management (i.e. the CEO of NK Logistics Inc Ltd), a final decision was made to go in for logistics and distribution network, which is not a standalone but as competitive as any other industries. Logistics and distribution is the most effective and competitive industries in UK today although profitable but needs competent hands to run.


When our shipment arrives at various ports in West Africa we will arrange with customs to process all the shipment and let relevant people who are supposed to receive the container on your behalf, know the arrival of the shipments. We will also let you know about the status of your shipment through the mode of communication you have given us when you filled the form with us...

First week of December 2019.

Call 07424791044, 07789282735 or office 02086163880 to arrange your collection and quotes.

We are advising all our customers to inform us earlier if they are going to make any shipments. This will help us to make necessary logistics arrangement for collection and transportation of their goods in the UK to our various storage locations prior to compiling them for shipment.

Do you need to send money urgently to family members and love ones at home or in distant lands? We can provide you a solution in this time of need. Just by transferring money into our account in the UK we can contact your representative in recipient’s country and the only time they will lose before they receive the money will be travel time to our numerous locations in the country. Our service charge and exchange rates are the best you could wish for. Contact our representatives by phone or email. This service is available even after normal official hours of 08:00 to 17:00 up to 12 am mid-night….

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